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Our Company Policy

Peter T Griffiths Contractor believes that the protection and enhancement of the environment is a key concern within our business.  We understand the potential impacts that we have upon the environment during the course of our works and at our office locations.  We are committed to achieving excellent environmental performance at all times, regardless of the size or type of works that we undertake.  This means:

  • Identifying the environmental aspects of our work and assessing our environmental impacts for significance;
  • Implementing environmental controls and procedures within our Company to manage those impacts;
  • Meeting all relevant legal requirements and those of industry standards to which we operate and working in accordance with accepted best practice;
  • Implementing solutions to improve the environment in which we operate whilst Waste Reduction and Energy Conservation technologies are high priorities in our annual targets;
  • Preventing pollution that may arise from our activities.  We seek to minimise the impacts of our operations on the environmental and local community, in particular those impacts associated with waste, noise, dust, vibration and public nuisance;
  • Maintaining commitment from our staff, clients, sub-contractors and suppliers to reduce environmental impacts by showing clear business improvements from environmental management processes;
  • Providing training to those having an influence or control on environmental issues, and in addition raise awareness across our business, encouraging others to come forward with new ideas;
  • Monitoring our works and measuring performance.  We are committed to ensuring that controls set down in our working procedures are implemented at the operational interface;
  • Identifying opportunities for continually improving our methods and selection of materials in order to reduce both environmental impacts whilst improving our business.

We shall set and develop objectives and targets annually to manage our environmental impacts.

Peter R Griffiths
June 2010

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